Friday, 9 December 2016

Can't Stop Fapping To Celebs

Actresses are by far the group that I spend the most time fantasising about and masturbating to. Adult actresses are sexy and we generally get to see a lot more of them but there is something about that girl from that one show who is always in the tight jeans that excites most of us out there.

Let's talk about a few

Bella Thorne has been amazing this year going out of her way to fuel the sex dreams of boys and girls around the world getting even hotter from the naughty little jailbait actress she used to be.

Ariel Winter is that sweet girl that has an incredible effect on your dick.
She celebrates her curves and so do I.

My instant crush from Heroes, Brea Grant has sneaked out a couple of nude shots one featured here that leaves me feeling dizzy.

Candance Cameron Bure from Full House, Fuller House 
and the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is a walking hardon factory
seriously I can't get enough of her.

What actresses have been driving you wild?

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Time For Some Fap Fun Time

Check out some videos sure to bring an up swing to your day.

Nerdy, Curvy Goodness

Cam Girl Showing Off Her Great Tits

And one last one for the road

Cam Girl Doing A Little Tease


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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Introducing #THEFAPFOUR Celebrity Appreciation Post

So if you've been following our awesome and incredibly exclusive Twitter account (@HeroicFanboy) you may well have seen this.

I like many people goggle over gorgeous celebrities (actresses, singers, athletes) so I thought why not from time to time highlight a few underrated beauties so you can go follow them and check out their stuff. Learn a little more about them below.

Amber Coney
Amber Coney is a curvy goddess who is reasonably new on the acting scene and who came to my attention on Dead of Summer. Is also a makeup artist and writer which is pretty cool doing the whole triple threat thing.

Ashley Johnson
Actress and noted Voice actress Ashley Johnson is all kinds of cute and also so very sexy once she slips into something more comfortable have a look below.

Jacinta Stapleton
Australian actress Jacinta Stapleton is pretty well known over there appearing in a number of their longest running shows including Neighbours

Dyana Liu
I only know Dyana from one amazing but short lived show Tower Prep. I haven't seen her on shows since then but thankfully she maintains a website where she keeps uploading gorgeous new photos.

So if you like what you see here and why wouldn't you when faced with these four very different beauties you know what to do. Fap, Share, Comment thanks for cumming :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Prepping For Power Rangers Poll

I've been a fan of Power Rangers for ages since it started in fact (yes I am indeed a seasoned adventurer) and while it has definitely had its up and downs there are a few high points, martial arts action, strangely compelling plotlines and last but not least the lovely, lovely women.

Read on but then come back and make your choice, the winner will get a new post with a cum and cock tribute in two weeks time. Remember though the Poll is only open for 7 days.
As Power Rangers has been around for generations and features young women in very tight spandex doing martial arts we all adopt one or more favourites. And remember it is not just the Rangers who are hot sometimes the villains are even hotter. So read on as I mention a few of my favourites then follow the link at the end to vote to see which of those Rangers gets the #CelebGoo treatment.

ANNA HUTCHINSON (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
You might also know her from Cabin In The Woods and Spartacus, I think this might have been the first series I watched after years and years of forgetting about it and boy I'm glad I did, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

NAOMI SCOTT (Power Rangers)
We haven't seen much of Naomi as a Power Ranger but I have been following her career since I saw her in Terra Nova. Show had promise but was probably on the wrong channel to expect that it would get the time to realise that potential.

CIARA HANNA (Power Rangers Megaforce)
I'm actually working my way through this currently and it is more than a little cheesy which counterbalances the fact that Ciara Hanna and Christina Masterson are absolute stunners and would probably distract the audience who happened to be interested in girls. Oh my god I just considered the sheer amount of fan fiction that must surround these Rangers.

MELANIE VALLEJO (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
Power Rangers Mystic Force was weird but the fights were ok, the capes still put me off but I was a big fan of Melanie Vallejo and Angie Diaz with Melanie coming out narrowly on top.

So now that you have had some time to drool why not check out the poll and vote for your favourite with the winning Ranger being crowned the Sexiest, then Cocked and given the #CelebGoo treatment of course.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

HENTAI HOTTIES: They Cum With Something Extra

WARNING: If Futanari (Girls with boys bits) are an active threat to your masculinity turn back now before it is too late...

Still here? Let's get started

Naomi really had a thing for the flexible girls

Jen: Look girls fresh meat!

Heather: Sam's gonna pissed I beat her jizz record

Aang wouldn't know what hit him.

Trish liked to unwind after a hard day's work

Cindy was happy to help with the Futanari's Club Film Project

So who was your favourite, answers in the comments.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mostly I've Been...

Appreciating how gorgeous the various celebrities I follow are. I find myself watching less porn and going with more in celeb tributes and some webcam girls. To be honest though with a lot of real life drama I haven't had a lot of time to devote to masturbation or just casual perving.

Also it is difficult to be horny when hearing about the loss of two of my favourite YouTubers/Presenters leaving their work channel to go on to greener pastures. Maude Garrett and Reina Scully formerly of SourceFedNerd have left or in Reina's case publicly announced her departure which happened 2 months ago.

Both of those fine ladies are still making content on their channels though so I can still get my fix.

I haven't been posting much because I'm not sure what to go with in terms of content. I wan't stuff that will make your loins ache with how hot it is but non-paid for content out there is sometimes difficult to track down and I want to change things up and not just go with hot webcam stuff and cum tributes if I can help it as great as that content can be.

I'm going to be doing some more experimental posts which I hope you'll enjoy. If there are things you want to see then drop me a line on here the e-mail address in on the fright. Or you can contact me through my xhamster account if you are on there.

Don't forget about our Twitter account DMs should be open as far as I know.

Keep Fapping Friends.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Celebrity Photoshop Manipulations - HOT Sometimes FUNNY Too

Let's take a look at some photoshop jobs from a variety of adult genres.

I was never really into Jeannette McCurdy but she grew on me followed her Instagram for a while and she is certainly hot. I do wonder where the artist got that expression of hers from for that I think it has drained more than a few pairs of balls it started circulating.

Not one of my favourite actress/singers but I'm not blind Selena Gomez is gorgeous.

Rachel Stevens was always orders of magnitude hotter than most British female starts from the early 2000s

I'd let Veronica Mars interrogate me with that. Kristen Bell with a little extra.

Meg Turney formerly of SourceFed and Rooster Teeth now doing her thing on Patreon. I can respect the cosplayers hustle, also she has a really nice ass.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams a one two punch that knocks out most horny 14-30 year olds who probably dream of a decent Sansa nude scene or the actress disrobing in a future role for art.

Taylor Swift is HUGE in entertainment so I guess this fits.

 Really big fan of Molly Quinn, redheads are something special

Sometimes I good photoshop really, really works like this one, the original model had some amazing boobs.

Where do you go looking for celebrity fakes, gifs and the like answers in the comments or Tweet at us via our Twitter account.


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