Sunday, 18 September 2016

HENTAI HOTTIES: They Cum With Something Extra

WARNING: If Futanari (Girls with boys bits) are an active threat to your masculinity turn back now before it is too late...

Still here? Let's get started

Naomi really had a thing for the flexible girls

Jen: Look girls fresh meat!

Heather: Sam's gonna pissed I beat her jizz record

Aang wouldn't know what hit him.

Trish liked to unwind after a hard day's work

Cindy was happy to help with the Futanari's Club Film Project

So who was your favourite, answers in the comments.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mostly I've Been...

Appreciating how gorgeous the various celebrities I follow are. I find myself watching less porn and going with more in celeb tributes and some webcam girls. To be honest though with a lot of real life drama I haven't had a lot of time to devote to masturbation or just casual perving.

Also it is difficult to be horny when hearing about the loss of two of my favourite YouTubers/Presenters leaving their work channel to go on to greener pastures. Maude Garrett and Reina Scully formerly of SourceFedNerd have left or in Reina's case publicly announced her departure which happened 2 months ago.

Both of those fine ladies are still making content on their channels though so I can still get my fix.

I haven't been posting much because I'm not sure what to go with in terms of content. I wan't stuff that will make your loins ache with how hot it is but non-paid for content out there is sometimes difficult to track down and I want to change things up and not just go with hot webcam stuff and cum tributes if I can help it as great as that content can be.

I'm going to be doing some more experimental posts which I hope you'll enjoy. If there are things you want to see then drop me a line on here the e-mail address in on the fright. Or you can contact me through my xhamster account if you are on there.

Don't forget about our Twitter account DMs should be open as far as I know.

Keep Fapping Friends.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Celebrity Photoshop Manipulations - HOT Sometimes FUNNY Too

Let's take a look at some photoshop jobs from a variety of adult genres.

I was never really into Jeannette McCurdy but she grew on me followed her Instagram for a while and she is certainly hot. I do wonder where the artist got that expression of hers from for that I think it has drained more than a few pairs of balls it started circulating.

Not one of my favourite actress/singers but I'm not blind Selena Gomez is gorgeous.

Rachel Stevens was always orders of magnitude hotter than most British female starts from the early 2000s

I'd let Veronica Mars interrogate me with that. Kristen Bell with a little extra.

Meg Turney formerly of SourceFed and Rooster Teeth now doing her thing on Patreon. I can respect the cosplayers hustle, also she has a really nice ass.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams a one two punch that knocks out most horny 14-30 year olds who probably dream of a decent Sansa nude scene or the actress disrobing in a future role for art.

Taylor Swift is HUGE in entertainment so I guess this fits.

 Really big fan of Molly Quinn, redheads are something special

Sometimes I good photoshop really, really works like this one, the original model had some amazing boobs.

Where do you go looking for celebrity fakes, gifs and the like answers in the comments or Tweet at us via our Twitter account.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I Can FAP To This - NON-NUDE

But most definitely HOT

Stephanie Davis is a figure model with a body made for sin. The confidence in those sexy eyes of her makes my cock twitch. I haven't even got to that booty yet.

I advise muting but the girl in the red bikini has an amazing body

One Minute To Reach Climax.
For the sexy Bella Thorne showing off that Cleavage
I think you'll manage it

Monday, 25 July 2016

Celebs Thoughts On Dick Pics and Masturbating To Them

You might have thought given the previous post that this was planned as the themes are similar. You'd be wrong though I am nowhere near that well organised still this is a nice coincidence. The first reason for this post was a YouTube Vlog that blew up on my timeline.

In the above video as that Title suggests Meg does touch briefly on that question and her response to it. There's a fairly impressive argument over on her channel about whether the Title is Clickbait and then of course what does the term "Clickbait" mean/include. If you're interested in my thoughts leave a comment and I'll put my view but for now we've got a lot to cover.

At 14:35 she answers the question with a sort of hands off approach just watch for yourself as I've even given you the timestamp. I just thought it would be crazy of me not to highlight something like this after going on and on about it in my posts and on Twitter etc. I even asked Magda Apanowicz something similar when I got to interview her for this very blog.

Things took an interesting turn last night when I had another interesting conversation spring up on my timeline this time from actress Tina Majorino who you might know from Veronica Mars or True Blood. She was talking about someone who had a very strange request.
The discussion goes on for awhile those are just some of the highlights it is definitely worth a click and a scroll but it seems clear she's not a fan. I did actually ask her what were her thoughts about men and women masturbating while thinking about her but she didn't respond.

These are just two very attractive women in a sea of celebrity but it is nice to get their thoughts.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Do We Prefer Fantasising About Celebrities?

That title is a little awkward because there is a lot I am trying to get across.

I argue that in these days or easy access to adult content that when it comes to fantasising (yes and masturbation too) boys and girls tend to gravitate to celebrities and New Media Stars. What has lead to this? Whereas 10 years ago it might be that mystery hot blonde from a poster or a male model looking extra good in his Calvin Klein's that really set pulses racing.

There seems to be more of a need or desire to connect to the object of your desire on a superficial level. Yep we can blame Social Media all the way back to MySpace to now. Celebrities have followers now that they can connect with directly, followers who can be mobilized into an army for good or ill.

Look at YouTube which can pull people up from obscurity through a mix of hustle and luck. Trust a guy who searches through adult content the amount of stuff around YouTube and New Media Stars is staggering and a lot more numerous than stuff about say Porn Stars.

The name of the video ensured I had to pick it

That could be down to people wanting to actually use their imagination. You hope to see that YouTuber or actress in a bikini or sexy cosplay you imagine what they look like from that time they wore that cute outfit. You're actively engaging your brain to imagine the possibility instead of typing say Gianna Michaels into the search bar of your preferred Porn Engine.


I don't know about you but I think people willing to imagine is generally a good thing and is to be encouraged though obviously it is a double edged sword. The harassment of celebrities by anonymous people online or the harassment of others "on behalf of" celebrities is not a new thing and it is something I wish we could end.

I think maybe Asia got to it first with their whole Idol culture, people who are just there to adored by the masses (and sell loads of merch). They are famous for being famous or attractive which is something a significant part of the West still rails against even as the House Kardashian thrives.

Just a thought from yours truly something to think about.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Webcam Roundup Featuring Tits & Dicks

Always impressive to see the amount of content out there based around anonymous webcam sites such as your omegles etc. There is a lot to sift through that caters to a pretty broad range of tastes. Hopefully the ones featured will appeal to you.

Several encounters between penis and girls. Featuring cumshots and epic cleavage.

Big Dick, Awesome Boobs

Big Dicks, Cumshots and Girls' Reactions

So hope you like the videos comments are welcome have a good weekend.


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